Thursday, July 8, 2010

'Idiots' think we are idiots

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'Idiots' Think We Are Idiots

Bodoh, bangang atau bahlul?

When I was in Form One (which seems like a million years ago), a class-mate asked me "Engkau ni bodoh ke, bangang ke atau bahlul" ? .That's when I learnt that there are 3 categories of stupidity. I forgot all about it untill this week - when I suddenly remembered that question again. It was triggered by 3 pieces of news, all about money, splashed in our newspapers.

News 1

Government comtemplating of building a new Parliament building in Putrajaya at a cost of RM 800 million.

News 2

Cost of building the new palace escalates to RM 811 million.

News 3

Datuk Nazri Abd Aziz says "government hasn't got enough money to provide our students with scholarships".

Bodoh, bangang or bahlul ? If you spend RM 1.6 billion on building a new Parliament buidling and a new palace, you of course won't have money to rovide scholarship for our students. Many have already questioned the need for a new Parliament building. The country already has many palaces, many of them hardly used. So I wonder how does the "rakyat didahulukan" thingy fit in here.

**Note : RM 1.6 billion can finance the entire university education for at least 40,000 students or be used to build at least 40,000 low-cost houses for the poor.

So tell me, in which category do you and I fit in : bodoh, bangang or bahlul? Hello Malaysian, in future, use your head, think before you vote because the UMNO govt certainly thinks you are an idiot.

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