Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lawak - Video Tendang Bola Tak Kena - Oh dear. Sometimes simple tasks that you've done a million times before just don't work out as you might expect. Some people jab themselves in the face with their fork while eating, others choke while casually sipping a glass of water, but for Brazilian side Internacional's Kleber, the most difficult task in the world on Thursday was kicking (or not kicking) a stationary ball.

Playing against Corinthians, Kleber was faced with the duty of taking a free kick in fantastic position to score. He lined it up and went for the follow through, but then things go haywire. Judging by his charging teammate, it was supposed to be a fake, but judging by how close Kleber cuts it with his booming kick, it's almost like he couldn't decide whether to take the shot himself or set up his teammate. So, he only mostly missed and the ball just kind of dribbled sideways.

As a bewildered Kleber tried to figure out what just happened, his alert teammate tried to nudge him aside and correct the goof-up by taking a shot, which nearly went in. Except it didn't and Corinthians won 2-0. (copy paste from yahoo sport)


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